filled with ideas and thoughts for living mindfully in this busy world.

Come along and get to know the person behind the art and the ideas and activities that are on the go.

Here is the place to share stories and meet the maker. Come and visit.

Hello I am so glad you are here. Here you will find my blog and gallery and links to buy my work, anything from Etsy comes straight from me any of the others comes direct from the producers. It’s an exciting place with lots of fun pieces and ideas to play around with. I hope you will enjoy a little relaxing time scrolling through. I also love taking commissions so if there is something you have an idea for and would like to chat about please feel free to contact me and we can talk it through and see if I’m the person you are looking for.

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Here is where you can find my work and maybe even a little treat for yourself. Click the shop title to be taken to it.



Books for children


Bible study and prayer journaling

Notebooks and lists

Homeware and accessories can be found on ARTWOW (UK based) and Redbubble (US based)