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Welcome to The Joy Filled Cup podcast. This is your weekly dose of creativity and celebrating the simple joys in life. 

Episode 17 – What is self care anyway? The Joy Filled cup Podcast

We hear so much about self care, how often do we st down and think through what we actually need and find ways to get that?There is a new Joy Filled Cup website coming soonsupport the podcast at Kofi  
  1. Episode 17 – What is self care anyway?
  2. Episode 16 Are you full yet?
  3. Episode 15 celebrating moments of joy
  4. Episode 14 – making room for joy.
  5. Episode 13The root of Joy

I am so glad you are here to join me on this amazing journey, I have lots to share with you from a host of Independant businesses who offer customised Joy Filled products, my adventures seeking the joy everyday and lots of creative inspiration. Do join me and please do share far and wide if you are enjoying it.

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Journaling through advent.

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It’s divided into the four weeks of advent but you can use it in less time if needed. Each week there are 3 pieces to learn and study and journal your discoveries.

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Relative ways to record your wins - the joy filled cup
Creative ways to celebrate your wins – the joy filled cup Lucy joy artist