What is a oneliner?

I have created a technique I affectionately call Oneliners, they are pieces created using one continual line.

That’s right, once the pen touches the paper I don’t lift it until the piece is finished.

It’s a nod to life, keep going and don’t give up. So often we hit difficulties and bumps in the road and see it as an end, but maybe they are places to learn and try again. The final image will have been completed without stopping, but the preparation for each image is one that requires determination and a focus on the final image.

So let me encourage you to dream big and don’t give up.

My pieces are available on Etsy here I have also produced a number of notebooks on amazon with my pieces on.

I aim to make pieces that are bright and give you a smile, we all need a little positivity in our lives.

My work is available on Etsy and I’m happy to discuss commissions too just email me or DM on social media