Inner Voice

Why on earth are you doing that? Your just being silly! Your so stupid! Don’t go out in that, it really is not made for you…… blah blah blah!!

DO NOT speak to yourself like that!

So often we are really unkind to ourselves and we can be the very worst critics of ourself, but is it really valid? Would you ever speak to someone else the way you speak to yourself? I doubt it.

To tell you the truth I am terrible at my self talk, I can be the biggest bully and knock myself down. Until one day I realised that the voice was actually me, no one else, me! I had the choice about what I said to me and the opportunity to change what I said. I took some time to consider exactly what I was trying to achieve by being unkind and realised that it was the worst use of my efforts I could actually do.

When I made myself look and see who I really am, and I am not doing this to blow my own trumpet but to be realistic. I, like you are valued and loved! Why on earth would I want to destroy that? We were made, chosen before the world began to be here, now and making a difference in where we are. Negative self talk works only to destroy and breakdown.

……and so I made my inner voice collection.

This cute little guy, set to remind you that you can do it.

That you are valued and loved and worthy of it!

It’s hard to stay positive but I created this guy so that I could put reminders up and around and so when I was feeling unable to speak in the way I should to myself, this little guy could give the gentle nudge to keep looking up, keep going and not give up.

These guys are available on RedBubble on a series of accessories right here