About – what is the joy filled cup?

The beautiful Glen Nevis

Do you know that feeling of simple joy, deep down, there maybe chaos all around you but you can smile? The joy filled cup is my way of helping you find ‘that‘ moment, the one where you feel like yourself. We don’t all live in great circumstances and life rarely goes the way we want it to, but I believe we can learn to have an outlook that sees the cup half full. We can find joy in every day, in simple pleasures and everyday things. It can take practice and determination but it is possible.

I want to share with you ways of creating, and ‘journaling’ that helps you find a way that works for you. That’s flexible , yet gives you enough guidance for you to be able to use it to help you celebrate the joy in everyday.

Let me share a little about me, I’m Lucy and I’m based in the beautiful Scottish highlands also known as the outdoor capital. I have two kids in primary school and I’m married to an adventurer. I volunteer to run a toddler group, take stories to schools and run a Bible study group for ladies. When I’m not doing that you will find me at my desk drawing or writing, I create children’s picture books – writing and illustrating them. My great passion is for creating and most of what you will see here is my art. I often work with a technique I affectionately call Oneliners where the image is made of one continual line – a nod to life and living it for all its got with its twists and turns but never giving up.

Through the joy filled cup and my artwork and wall art I hope to share some joy and encourage you to get curious and find what fills your joy filled cup.